Gears of War 3

Defeated Gears of War 3 last weekend at normal difficulty. As always, not a very long shooting game. Walkthrough length was about 15 hours. This one put an end to the trilogy story. Frankly, I can hardly remember the story now. This is just a game to shoot monsters, saw them, and watch blood on screen.

The big difference this time, for me, is I finally can fight online… Played versus mode a few times and found I’m not a big fan of CS style games. My kill/death ratio is between 1/5 to 1/10. This is not fun. Then I moved to the Horde mode and really enjoyed it. That’s a mode that players cooperate to survive waves of enemies. Though my best score was only about 20 waves (there are 50 waves in total), it’s much more fun to kill monsters together with ppl.

The best part of GeoW2 in my mind was playing as a sniper. It was super enjoyable to watch monster head blast in the scope sight and hear the crack sound. In GeoW3 enemies are a little bit more clever, so it’s not that easy to snipe them anymore. Assault rifles became obviously strong and I had to use them a lot, which is kinda boring.

Another weird part of GeoW3 is most enemies in ACT 1 are locust. Their blood is golden! For a long time I thought there was some violence setting and googled how to disable it. Until I finally saw some red blood from beast enemies…

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