Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

I don’t like this game.

I’m kind of a lame CoD player: almost only play campaign mode offline, and almost always at normal level. Competing FPS game online is not my thing. I feel that is a too “professional” entertainment.

The first CoD I played might be 3 or 2, then all the way to this one (Black Ops 2 is actually the 9th). This game series is like long action/shooting/military theme movies to me, playable and exciting. It had served this purpose well until this one.

I really can’t appreciate the “strategy” mode brought by black ops 2. It’s like a crappy RTS, hard to control, hard to win, hard to enjoy. I passed the first one at the 3rd or the 4th try, and failed a few times on the 2nd one, then I gave up on this mode. It seems they forgot why CoD became popular: fast revive and fast resume! This mode broke it and frustrated me.

There are both modern and old-time guns in this game, but few of them gave me a powerful or interesting feeling. Instead, most guns made me feel weird. And those “super weapons” and “bonus small games” didn’t shine either, and some of them were quite awkward.

Well, this game does have a few brave imaginations, such as shooting planes with RPG on horse back, and sniper which can charge and shoot through walls and armors… But it is far worse than previous ones to me.

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