California Nostalgia

Just back from a 2-week biz trip in Cali. Last time I stayed in SF and took Caltrain to work in San Mateo, but this time I chose to stay in San Mateo at a much better price and rented a car. I feel this is a much nicer solution for me since I don’t really need the nightlife in the city but the convenience of driving around really helped.

Somehow this trip turned out to carry a nostalgic theme. It started with a meet with my mentor in Bosch 6 years ago. I was an intern at that time and lived in Palo Alto for half a year. She works in Apple now and I got to visit the famous Infinite Loop. In the following days I visited a lot of places I enjoyed before: sunset view in Half Moon Bay beach which I missed last time; a 10-mile trail in Big Basin Redwoods State Park which @riki and I visited in a super foggy day before; Stanford campus which I never really toured before (I blame you @riki); and my old address in Palo Alto, glad to see the big pine is still there  :)

OK this got a bit over sensational but I feel I basically re-visited most of these places in bay area already. Need to figure out some new ones next time :)

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