Ramen Burger

So I finally got a taste of this recent fad – Ramen Burger. Is it recent? It has been around for months but I guess not many people out of NYC heard of it. Is it a fad? New Yorkers seem incredibly interested in any food fusion, even if it’s literally “fusion”, so first Cronut and now this. The hungry marketing method has been pretty successful so far and the passion of hundreds of foodies who can get up in Sat morning and join the line for a bite was contiguous.


Been there, done that #ramenburger

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How does it taste? This is the most asked question I got after posting this photo. It’s definitely not bad, which partially explains why it becomes popular. The ramen buns were pre-made and grilled a bit on the spot. The noodles in the buns are soft and hydrated, but somehow fixed in that shape so they don’t fall apart. It tastes a little bit like instant noodles, I guess some similar techniques in instant noodles are used here to keep the shape. The beef part is not very special but just normal beef burger, with some fresh green vegetables. The sauce used in ramen burger is pretty strong and savory. So the sauce brings most flavors, the ramen bun provides a quite special taste and the beef burger makes Americans happy.

How to Get a Ramen Burger?

The current information (which may outdate very fast) is you need to go to the Smorgasburg at Williamsburg on Saturday morning. It opens at 11AM and the Ramen Burger only sells about 300 per day. One person can only buy one burger. So your best bet is to arrive there before 11:15 to secure one and avoid long lines. Also check their official site for news and updates, sometimes it’s served out of Smorgasburg too.


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