帐篷很酷 ,我们在停车场上试着搭起来了一下,很顺利。眼看着一个小圆筒呼啦呼啦被撑起来变成一个能容三个人的帐篷,还是满有成就感的。

关于车是个问题,本来打算租车,因为riki觉得他的老尼桑恐怕不能胜任这种旅行了 。但是后来发现租车实在是很贵。于是今天他把他的车送去检修了,我真是感动,ber

那个炉子挺神奇的,是专门野营用的。有一个燃料罐儿,上面有个pump,先像自行车 打气一样给它打气,然后接到炉子上打开阀门,就会有一些燃料(挺像液化气的)被压到炉子里面,然后就可以烧了。据说这个太空杯这么大的燃料罐足够三个人用两三天。


  American black bear  

Did You Know?
Black bears in Yosemite are active both day and night. Most bears that rely on natural food sources are active during the day. However, those that get food from people are often active at night, when they can quietly sneak around and grab unattended food.


Bear eating food taken from open food locker
Photo by Jeffrey Brooker
This bear is in a campsite eating food from an open locker.
Exciting? Scary? Tragic? All of these describe the situation; bears that frequently get human food often end up being killed to protect people. Keep reading to learn how you can help protect Yosemite bears.


Car door pulled out by bear in search of food.

我终于胆战心惊的去读了读“遇到熊该怎么办”。答案是如果在营地,停车场这类地方,应该大叫把它吓走;如果在野外,应该保持50 yards以上的距离 ,远离它(这好像有点废话。。难道我会冲过去打熊么),主要是为了不让熊习惯在人附近活动,保持熊的野性和对人的天然恐惧。。(我恐惧它还来不及好不好)
我刚刚打印了两份长达七页的行车路线图,还是mapquest牛逼,google maps居然告诉我算不出来。现在正在翻Yosemite的网站,考虑hiking的路线。嗯嗯。。罪过罪过


  Peaks in Huangshan  

Did You Know?
Yosemite and Huangshan are sister parks. Huangshan, which protects over 77 magnificent granite peaks 3,000 feet (1,000 m) or higher, is one of China’s most famous and sacred scenic areas. Countless poems and writings dating back 2,200 years attest to its beauty.

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