Passed DMC4 Human Mode

The first game I cleared on XBox 360 :) DMC is short for “Devil May Cry”, the very famous act game series presented by CAPCOM.

As my experiences on DMC3, I chose the easiest mode for DMC4 at first, and passed it almost without obstacles. It’s a pure enjoyment, watching cool videos, combining stylish acts, beating impressive bosses… For DMC fans who are expecting smoking cool videos and refreshing free-style fighting, DMC4 is very satisfying~

I do know there are many more content and skills to dig out for this game, however there’s already a lot of fun for just passing the easiest mode. I guess I’ll play this game deeper later.

So what should be the next? Lost Odyssey? or GTA4? lol, I love this vacation.


  1. vacation? oh… oh… national day~~~ no wonder your parents are there with you… en… 你伙食问题要解决了吧. :P

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