Bye, FreeWheel

0710月,我结束了在加州Bosch半年的实习,回北京毕业加上找工作。那时候在四个大大小小的公司实习过,做过悠闲的螺丝钉也做过996的接地气创业公司。找工作的时候想的倒也简单:找个不怎么加班的创业公司(现在想想这还真挺难)。在9#上看到Di的一篇招工文,就懵懵懂懂的来了FreeWheel开始实习,写Ruby on Rails



5 Years

My contract started on 12/17/2007. Though I had been working as an intern for a few months before that, the official date is still an easy way to remember. It’s like the marriage certificate date.

In this fast-changing industry, it may not seem usual to work 5 years straight in a company. But I do see lots of old friends around here, who have been with FreeWheel for 3 or 4 years or longer than me. It’s comforting and heartwarming to see them.

When I joined FreeWheel, I didn’t imagine I would switch from a web developer to an integration engineer, then to a technical service specialist/manager. It was also a surprise to me that I lived in NYC now, so different from California, my 1st impression on US. And I love this great great city.

Thanks FreeWheel for all these experiences and opportunities. See you on the road!

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Story Telling






An American Weird Game

Learned that on today’s FreeWheel 5-year anniversary party(hooray~)

Get an inflated balloon. Bite a small hole on it do air can come out, then immediately put your mouth on the hole and inhale as much as possible. Now SPEAK! You will find your voice becomes very weird… Like a baby.

It’s probably because the balloon increased the air pressure in your lung. But it remains mystery to me that how Americans invented this game and why it’s popular here…

Btw, Chris showed us he can bite balloon to make it explode one after another, like nothing happened! Monster!

Talked with a few ppl, and found the funny voice was not from pressure, but from Helium. See here.