The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Read recommendation of this book from a technical blog. Sounds like an easy book for management, and kindle version only 5$ (oops, 10$ now…). So I bought it immediately.

It’s a fairly short book, tells a fable of how a woman CEO comes from a traditional industry (automobile) to rescue a silicon valley company. The “five dysfunctions” are 5 traps a team could fall into on the way to real teamwork. The author visits them one by one in the story, then summarized them very clearly. The book introduces each dysfunction with indicators, reasons, methods to overcome, how leader should behave, and connections among these dysfunctions. It answers a few questions in my mind for a long time, like “what is politics (in  company)”, “what is trust”, etc. Some parts are really enlightening, and they are usually “popular highlights” in Kindle version (social reading? lol).

Nice book for management newcomer!

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