Chicago the Musical

Last Thursday was xw’s birthday. We watched her first broadway show – Chicago!

The dinner place was an old French restaurant in theatre district – Tout Va Bien. It’s very close to most famous big theaters. 6:30 to 7:30 is probably its most busy hours, because lots of customers come here to have dinner before shows at 8pm. This restaurant even has a “pre-theater” prix-fixe menu, for around 26$. We were quite satisfied with the food there. Space is a little tight though. Still a fair choice before a broadway show.

The “special” thing of this dinner, is a handsome gay couple sitting beside us. We were basically sharing a 4-ppl table, so xw kept overhearing them talking… They were both dance teachers, dressed nicely. It’s obvious this is a couple because they had a lip kiss over the table…

OK, back to musical. Chicago is a nice show. I would give it 8.5/10. If Mamma Mia is about sing and dance, Billy Elliot is about boy and ballet, the key word of this show is definitely SEXY. Long leg women and six-pack men, broadway level dancing and singing. Very enjoyable show!

I do like the main actress (Charlotte d’Amboise, starring Roxie) very much. She has attractive voice, brilliant dancing and cute acting style. Hard to believe she is already 47 years old!


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