New York Aquarium

New York Aquarium is at the south end of Brooklyn, beside a nice beach. It is chilly today, but still fun to have a short walk by the sea. Some guys were feeding seagulls with bread. A few pigeons mingled there in a funny way.

The aquarium self is not big. Compared to Monterey Bay Aquarium, this one is tiny. However, popular animals are all here! Sea lion, sea otter, seal, shark, penguin, sea turtle, jellyfish… The most special animal here is seahorse! This is the first time I see live seahorse. Their “wings” on the back shake very fast, like bee or butterfly, to push them forward in the water. Their tails curl round sea weed or others’ tails, like snakes or eels. Seahorses have a very delicate and beautiful look, pretty amazing.


This aquarium has small sea lion shows and some animal feeding today. We watched sea lion, sea otter and penguin feeding. Sea otter is always the cutest of the cutest, lol. Penguins look so dumb, 4 of them walk in a queue, one after another. And a big seagull waits beside them during feeding, hoping to get some leftover…

xw and Shark


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