It’s Summer

Went to Jamaica Bay in Saturday. It’s interesting that you jump onto a subway, after 30 minutes you’re at the beach. Surely it would be nicer if I use a car, because some places are still not very accessible by subway, for example the Wildlife Refuge I wanted to go at first. However the beach is close enough to the station.

The Rockaway beach is for surfing, so lots of people were surfing there. Waves are not strong when we were there, so most people were just playing with the surfing board for fun, not really “professional” surfing. That made us think maybe we can get a surfing board and play a bit.

Went to Whitney Museum today, for the “Fireflies on Water” special exhibition. We arrived there at 1pm and saw a long line at the gate… And today’s special exhibition tickets were sold out already. This museum opens at 11am. I was quite impressed by how popular it is. Before going I guess there wouldn’t be many people because most tourists go to MET and other famous museums. Well, seems I was wrong. Need to go to this place at an earlier time.

So we ended in MET for the afternoon. MET was also crowded but at least we could get tickets and enter in 5 minutes. After that we had Japanese BBQ at Gyu Kaku. This BBQ is pretty famous and really good, especially in happy hours. Beef tongue is the best I’ve ever had.

I switched to unlimited ride metro card a few weeks ago. It indeed help push me to go outside and visit the city. That’s the way to enjoy summer time. Maybe I should buy one for xw too.

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