Considering to Get A 11” Air

Really attracted by this article

Any suggestions? I think 11” is big enough for vim.. Will check it out in Apple Store.


Checked the actual machines in an Apple store yesterday. The width of the screen is actually more than necessary at most times, so the height matters. 11” has 15% less height than 13” (768 vs. 900). With 14pt font, the size I’m used to, in maximized Terminal 11” can show 42 rows while 13” can show 49 rows.

Not sure if the further portability of 11” really matters to me, who just carries the laptop for commute and has been carrying 15” MBP for years. So probably I will go for 13” for this time.

Here is a reference link


  1. Words from 37singals certainly have no credibility in me… if i were considering buying a MBA, and actually i am, i will take the 13″ one.

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