2012 Game Summary

  • [XBox 360] Skyrim all achievement. That’s a long one.
  • [XBox 360] Gear of War 3. It’s a short one. Rented from GameFly. Played a few rounds online. Interesting, but I still don’t want to commit too much time on a single game.
  • [XBox 360] Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It’s OK. A perfect GameFly game.
  • [XBox 360] Final Fantasy XIII-2. Actually very good as a successor game. I don’t expect a wonderful story, and all other aspects are pretty well done.
  • [3DS] Super Mario 3D. Very disappointing. I should have sold my 3DS after this game. But it is still in the closet.
  • [PC] Diablo 3. I was super excited when this game launched. And it is almost as good as I expected, seriously. I spent probably a few hundreds of hours on it. However its after-game is not as attractive as Monster Hunter. Either too challenging or not challenging enough. And it’s also a bummer to find the most efficient way of improving your character is trading. I basically gave this game up after 1.0.5.
  • [XBox 360] Mass Effect 3. My 2013 “land mine” game! (Dark Soul was my land mine of 2012, FYI.) This game gave me a lesson: evaluate a game by its demo, not by its fame.
  • [PC] Dishonored. The game I have been playing recently. Haven’t finished it yet. But I will give this game a 4~4.5 star. This is the first infiltration game that interested me to play through. I like it.

Besides games, I feel 2012 was not a year for me. It was the 1st year I live in US. I didn’t travel except the business trip back to China. I didn’t even get a driver license… I still do some board games and try to develop some new hobbies. However I broke my elbow before the new year’s eve. There were too few good drinks to remember and too few good stories to tell this year, or, fewer than I wanted.

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  1. Lol we’ve really got to play some and go rock climbing/hiking together, now that I know you couple is in NYC! America will be so boring without hobbies and activity partners.

    Do you guys bike? Archery?

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