Twin Babies!

Last Sat I rent a minivan to drive riki’s family from the hospital back home. They just had a pair of identical twin boys last Wednesday!

It was the first time I saw babies so young (or should I say “small”?). They are 5.x and 4.x pounds, which means both of them added together is not as heavy as bobo, the 10-pound fat cat. The twins look very tiny in car seats, and actually much more beautiful than I expect, because I read somewhere that newborns look like aliens. Apparently the 3-day-old boys look quite human already. They slept tight on our way back, maybe because of the trembling from the car. And they continued to sleep for 3 hours after arriving at home! They kept kicking slightly during sleeping, while one of them made the lightest snoring. Cute!

2014-06-13 00.44.53


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