More Furnitures, and Guests on Floor

Went to IKEA yesterday with xw, because there was an one day only sale! 1$ for 8 wood hangers… we got 4 packs, lol

And a metal TV stand, my big TV finally has some place other than floor. A nice armchair, which reminds me of my first visit to Beijing IKEA, I laid in a chair, so comfortable that I dropped my wallet there. A small metal cart for bathroom. A clothes rack in bedroom. And a big weaved box as a small table with storage. xw and I spent around 2 hours to setup all of them, before dinner. Really fast!

Then sly, fruitcc and a friend of theirs arrived. They came for a tour in NYC, will live in my place until new year. These guys just borrowed one sleep bag and one blanket from Jack, and slept on the living room floor. I have no idea how they spent last night.


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