Tips for Visiting Metropolitan Museum of Art



  • The 25$ admission fee is a suggested donation. So pay whatever you feel appropriate. 
  • Grab a museum map and a “Now on View” for special/temporary exhibitions. 
  • They have public wifi and a mobile app.
  • Water fountains are available. Some drinks are not allowed through the security check.  
  • If it’s your first visit, check the highlights like the Greek and the Egyptian wings. Do realize the museum is huge and can take days to explore. Have priorities. 
  • Special exhibitions are often wonderful. 
  • Audio guide is more useful if you are not in a hurry. 
  • If you have more opportunities to visit and it’s not your first time, pick one or two exhibitions and read everything through. Leave if not absorbing.
  • There are plenty of places to go around MET: Central Park, restaurants, cafe and bakeries, shops, etc. Look them up.
  • Last but probably most important: ignore the crowds, or at least don’t get bothered by them. It’s a basic survival skill in NYC. 

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