DigitalOcean VPS IP被墙

放blog的DigitalOcean VPS的IP被墙了。虽然没有直接换IP的功能,但也并不算麻烦。简单的说就是创建一个当前droplet的snapshot,用snapshot新建一个droplet,然后把当前被墙掉的droplet删掉就可以了。这期间不会产生什么额外的费用。


DigitalOcean Control Panel_6ol44


Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to us about changing your IP address!

My name is Mike, a Platform Support Specialist at DigitalOcean :)

Unfortunately this is not a feature we currently support directly from the control panel but this is a feature we are working on and planning on implementing in the future. In the meantime I do have a workaround for your question.

In order to change the IP address of a droplet you would need to power it down and create a snapshot first. Once the snapshot is created, you then need to create a new Droplet based on that snapshot. The important part is creating this new droplet before destroying the old one so a different IP address is assigned to it. Once the new Droplet is created it will have a different IP address. Once you are satisfied with the new Droplet you can then destroy the old one if necessary.

I hope this has been helpful! Please let us know if you need anything else.

Platform Support Specialist
DigitalOcean Support

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