Vermont in Summer

Wen and I did an “escape trip” to Vermont last week. Rented a house in Killington, a small ski town. Wen kept working throughout weekdays, while I did some hiking and excursions nearby. We did some kayaking on the first day and it was nice. Saw a loon up close on the water.

Summer is definitely not a popular season for Vermont. I imagine the town will see many more tourists during the foliage and snow seasons. There isn’t much to see in summer, and COVID doesn’t help. Half of the town was closed when we were there, so dining options were kind of limited. Several times I drove half to one hour to Woodstock and even Waterbury just for a nice dinner.

Hiking trails in Vermont all feel similar. The mountains are green, really green, covered by countless tree canopies with almost no openings. That means a hiking trail is often 99% walking in the woods until you reach some peak. Walking in the woods means windless and humid, sometimes buggy, not the best hiking atmosphere I’ve had. Appalachian Trail crosses through Vermont, so there are still some nice parts. But overall I’d recommend waiting until the foliage season to hike here. We rode a ski gondola to reach Killington Peak one day, which I think it’s a nicer option.

Vermont has a lot of farms. When driving around, the most often seen signs by the road are for all kinds of farms. I went to Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, which is apparently managed by NPS and is a designated national historical park. I quite enjoyed this place because I haven’t had much chance to visit museums this year, and this place also has cute farm animals like cows, horses, and sheep. I also went to a maple syrup farm called Baird Farm. They offered a nice little tour to show how they produce maple syrup, and syrup tasting for 6 different kinds!

We actually don’t do overnight/multi-day trip near New York often, so I’m much more used to a lean travel pack with only essentials. This time we rented a big jeep, and Wen actually plan to work for the most time as a “workation”, so the stuff we brought was a bit over the board:

  • A 27-inch monitor
  • Two Nintendo Switches. We played Streets of Rage 4 and Moving Out at night.
  • A big board game (Gaia Project), which we ended up not playing at all.
  • A big massage pillow, which we actually used a lot
  • My Celestron telescope. It was rainy and cloudy for the second half of our trip, so this huge telescope wasn’t used either…

A driving trip does give a different feeling than flying. I’d do more if there are nicer views to see around New York.

Two Years in Flux

I just had my two-year anniversary in Flux. Time really flies by so fast. I do find myself using the phrase “I’m doing a startup” more than “I started a company” a bit more these days.

Looking back, one biggest feeling is how we have been accelerating. My first few months in Flux was to set up some foundation work and recruit the initial team members. By Oct 2018, we had the initial two engineers Rachel and JB onboard, and the production actually started. I think we had our first version prototype website by Jan 2019 and shipped our 1.0 version by Apr, and the first client started using our product by Jun. That’s almost my first anniversary. There were just a lot of things to do at the beginning, between setting up a company, recruiting, and building the product.

Then things moved a lot faster. In the 2nd year, we’ve shipped so many more features, done a redesign of the website, built out new components like reporting and matching engine. It feels kind of like a rollercoaster, the first year was to slowly crawl to a high point, then we gain speed and rush! A lot of early time investment has paid off and helped us keep momentum when we shift to the product-building phase: development workflow and standards, code conventions, CI/CD pipelines, infra as codes, familiarity with our tech stack, team member collaboration styles, etc. These things need leadership to define and calibrate, and more importantly, they need time to grow and ingrain in the team. It is what defines a team.

With the COVID situation, we swiftly changed the work style. It was tough to make sales when the whole system was in shock, but it looks like people are adapting and companies are recovering. This period also allows us to further solidify our product and adjust our market strategy. We’re putting our name out there on the market and seeing more opportunities. I’m very confident about our product. Now we need more eyes on it, need some people who can appreciate our idea and product, and maybe a little luck.

Onwards and upwards, Flux!

Ghost of Tsushima



对马岛最出彩的地方我认为有两点:一是图像,二是流畅度。此游戏的画面精细程度让我有那种我已经“玩上了下个世代的主机”的感觉,这感觉在历代主机末期往往会有那么几个吃透了当代主机性能的制作组做到,很厉害。另一方面讲,剧情画面的运镜,每个任务开头和结尾的取景,爬神社和做俳句时候的取景,都很有水准,做出了电影感,玩的时候不时来这么一点风光eye candy还是很爽的。游戏里的拍照模式功能极丰富,玩着玩着我就意识到可能“浮世草”那些镜头就是拿这个拍照模式的工具弄出来的。平时策马奔驰的时候也随时像在看风光片。技术力和美工的完美结合造就了本世代最强风光系图像。

流畅度主要体现在大地图fast travel超快,基本上任何地方只要三秒!无缝换区之类的已经是标配了,各种操作也极为流畅毫无卡顿。想想我玩Xbox 360上Skyrim的时候,动辄读盘要一分钟,简直是读盘地狱。现在PS4 Pro加SSD硬盘,硬件是提升了,制作方面的技术优化也是功不可没。





TikTok Ban

Trump表示要ban TikTok。字节试图把TikTok美国运营部分卖给微软来丢车保帅。Trump仍然表示要ban,这样还ban的话估计微软也不会买了。不知道会怎么发展。Trump政府的行为难以预测。但态度和趋势是一定的了。





Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park

最近这次打卡科罗拉多的三个国家公园之后,我去过的国家公园总数到了29个,感觉也可以做个tier list了。我的评价标准基本上是从一个softcore dayhiker的角度来看的,也会兼顾一些拍照/交通/食宿之类的因素。


  • Yosemite: 我的National Park启蒙。灰色花岗岩,大瀑布,Half Dome,无数漂亮的徒步路线。
  • Glacier: 顶级雪山冰川景色,很多山羊很多熊,有公园bus适合hiking。
  • Grand Canyon: 大峡谷的壮阔程度无可比拟,rim2rim hike是once-in-a-lifetime的体验。
  • Zion: 奇峰怪石,蜿蜒秀美。交通便利。也很适合hiking。
  • Arches: 地形最奇特,小而精。有很赞的hiking trail。门口的Moab小镇给便利度加分。
  • Yellowstone: 大而全,地热,动物,各种地形风光。


  • Rocky Mountain: 大气磅礴的山景,高海拔,大陆分水岭trail很赞,很多麋鹿。
  • Great Sand Dunes: 宿营观星看日出日落是独一无二的体验。
  • Canyonlands: 一边有顶级的dayhike trail,另一边有令人惊叹的峡谷景色,人烟稀少。
  • Death Valley: 独特景致,可以宿营观星,可以体验没有飞鸟鱼虫的极度安静。
  • Mount Rainier: 一流雪山景色,云雾缭绕时仙气盎然。dayhike trail略逊Glacier一筹。
  • Hawaii Volcanoes: 穿过旧火山口的hike很独特。
  • Crater Lake: 看过这个湖才知道什么是真的蓝。
  • Olympics: 一个公园里有山有雨林有海滩,很多样。也很大需要安排两三天才能转完。
  • Petrified Forest: 主体其实只能评到B级,但如果去Devil’s Playground就绝对是A级,有无人区的感觉。
  • Bryce Canyon: 可能是最适合车览的国家公园。


  • Shenandoah: 贯通公园的skyline drive是主要观景方式。Old Rag Mountain是我唯一一次hiking遇到traffic jam… 美东最crowded trail名副其实。
  • North Cascades: Hidden Lake trail是很棒很棒的trail,Diablo Lake也很漂亮。但公园maintain不力,开到trailhead的路上都是大坑要减分。。
  • Black Canyon of The Gunnison: 袖珍版Grand Canyon,地处偏远,顺道去一下还不错。
  • Acadia: 海景还不错,hiking option有限。
  • Everglades: not a hiking park.
  • Virgin Islands: 海景很棒,很多海滩可以浮潜,hiking一般。
  • Carlsbad Caverns: 重点是参加tour探洞。
  • Mesa Verde: 重点是参加tour看遗迹。
  • White Sands: 看看白沙丘,随便走走。
  • Saguaro: 看看大仙人掌,hiking一般。
  • Joshua Tree: 一路开过去随便走走。圆石头堆叠起来的山爬一爬还挺好玩。
  • Lassen Volcanic: 分成n个小区域,访问不便。主要的Lassen Peak trail爬一个死火山锥视野还不错,略单调。
  • Pinnacles: 离湾区近是主要的优势。景致及格水平。