Sampling WeWork

WeWork is booming. I sometimes feel the amount of WeWork co-working spaces are as many as Starbucks in NYC. Just like using Cloud instead of putting together servers these days, startups go to WeWork or other co-working spaces by default, before they get large enough to afford their administration, especially in US cities.

Flux currently rents a 4-person office in WeWork Montgomery St in SF. I use WeWork credits to rent “hot desk” in NYC from time to time, each credit (~25$ value) can get me one desk for one day. I’ve been leveraging the flexibility to go to different WeWork places based on my schedule. It’s interesting to notice WeWork places vary quite a bit. Some have larger open-floor areas, nicer decoration, or more open layout. One “indicator” I use is to check if there is fresh milk besides coffee machine: most places have that, but some don’t.

Also, some places are busier than others. If it becomes difficult to find a phone booth, I consider that place over-crowded. It depends on weekdays, too. Friday tends to be busier than usual, believe it or not.

Another interesting part is social function. Do strangers get to know each other and social in WeWork? Based on my observation, not much… people are more in work mode in WeWork, and most wear headphones in open spaces. So it’s not really a social scene. There are sofas for people to talk, but as I see, mostly for co-workers or people who already know each other. 

Magic for Humans

前一阵子在Netflix看到一个魔术show叫Magic for Humans,主演叫Justin Willman,大概就是这个人表演一些街头魔术,很好看。有一些看起来实在是太神奇,虽然那个show坚称没有用camera trick也没有用托儿,但还是觉得有些部分太不可思议了。当时Google了一下发现这人会在纽约演出,于是立马买了票,上周五去看了真人现场版。

现场演出的效果可以说比较符合预期,并没有太多神乎其神的魔术手法,有少数甚至显得有点直白(网上简单查一下就能查到解释的那类)。但现场气氛很火爆,主要归功于他的表演。感觉他的那个show其实也是类似,三分是魔术技巧,七分是类似standing comedy的表演,尤其是和观众互动的部分,异常的纯熟。整个场面时时刻刻都在掌控之中。如果说大卫科波菲尔的那种魔术秀是“硬”魔术,他这个可以说是一种“软”魔术秀了。娱乐效果倒也是一流,就当成standing comedy + magic来看就好了。

放个Magic for Humans的trailer,有兴趣可以去看看Netflix的这个剧。看到后面会觉得有点重复,前几集还是很好看的。

Hello, Flux

After leaving FreeWheel and playing hide-and-seek with bears in Glacier National Park for a week, I’d joined two ex-FreeWheelers (Nick and Max) to co-found a startup called Flux.

Flux aims to help enterprise better understand talents and internal needs, to increase internal mobility. Our own stories led to this idea. I changed jobs six times across three departments in FreeWheel. Each time I switch a position, it’s not only a good challenge and growth opportunity for myself but also a great benefit for the FreeWheel. By keeping experienced talents around and motivating them with new positions, companies minimize attrition cost and maximize productivities.

We’re starting the company in a truly distributed fashion. Nick/Max are in California, and I’m in NYC. I understand the importance of face time, so we’ll get together often, and I also believe modern technology has advanced to the point that people can collaborate seamlessly online. And I’m looking forward to the life of coding a few hours at home and going to a gym on my schedule. After all, engineers all wear headphones when they work in an open office, don’t they?

We plan to hire a few engineers at the beginning. If you’re interested, check out our open positions and drop an email to, or feel free to message me. I’m happy to share more information.

Bye, FreeWheel

0710月,我结束了在加州Bosch半年的实习,回北京毕业加上找工作。那时候在四个大大小小的公司实习过,做过悠闲的螺丝钉也做过996的接地气创业公司。找工作的时候想的倒也简单:找个不怎么加班的创业公司(现在想想这还真挺难)。在9#上看到Di的一篇招工文,就懵懵懂懂的来了FreeWheel开始实习,写Ruby on Rails



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Glacier National Park

上周去Montana的Glacier国家公园玩了一周。这儿可以说是个day hiking的天堂,流水式记一下每天的经历好了。

Day 0

飞到Missoula,租车,住宿。准备第二天一早出发。一开始租到的是辆Mazda 3,比我订的Full Size小一号,行李都不太放得下。第二天早上去换到一辆全新的Buick LaCrosse,空间够大还支持Car Play,开了一周甚爽。

Day 1

Apgar Lookout Trail: 7.2英里,1842英尺上下

两个多小时开到Glacier公园西入口。进门就去hike了Apgar Lookout这条路线。一路暴晒爬坡,上升途中能看到远处的雪山,下面的大片森林中不时有火车开过。爬到山顶可以眺望蔚蓝的Lake McDonald,有个小屋和信号塔。当时感觉还不错,就是有点累;一周下来想想,这条路线在这个公园里真是不怎么数得上,还好是第一天就当成开胃菜走掉了。Glacier NP的精华路线基本都在Going to the Sun Road和Many Glacier区域。

晚上宿在Fish Creek营地。意外的发现火盆上没有烤架,幸好买了锡纸烤盘,于是乱七八糟的烤了些肉和蔬菜吃。两个同行的小盆友都是头一次宿营,教了一下他们搭帐篷,学得很快,后来就搭得比我还快了。


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