Recent Watching TV Series

Still following TBBT, not that interesting anymore after watching 5 seasons. It’s just a habit to follow it.

“The Game of Thrones” is the hot one now. I’ve been enjoying it a lot, to see characters and plots in book picturized. Xw doesn’t like it very much though, as the TV series get rid of too many stories from the book.

“The Office” is a good one recommended by Netflix. We watched 2 episodes and found it very hilarious. People in my office look much more reasonable compared to those weirdos in this TV serial.

北京爱情故事(Beijing Love Story)……I can’t fucking believe I’m watching it!!!


  1. most nerds I know like the Office. LOL~

    beijing love story is not too bad…. specially when you get into it, it really gets better. :)

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