Subway in NYC

I live in Brooklyn now. It costs me 30 minutes or so to commute by subway, one way.

NYC is the only city in US that ppl rely on subway heavily and seldom drive. Subway here is over 100 years old, much older than Beijing’s, but more comfortable in most means. It is crowded in rush hour, but not as much as Beijing or Japan, maybe because US people aren’t used to touch each other in cart. The scent is far more better. I remember its hardly breathable in Beijing’s subway cart, that’s why so many ppl drive there, even jammed.

NYC subway is old. So some parts are not clean, for example, rails are disgusting. However no one really cares that. Carts are not modern, some of them don’t show station names so you have to watch closely or listen to drive’s broadcast, if you can recognize their speaking. And ad posters here are usually covered by giraffe, such as mustache on every face or a single black tooth in a smiling mouth…

NYC subway is pretty expensive actually. It costs 2.25$ for a single ride. And weekly or monthly unlimited ride doesn’t give you too much discount if you are just a commuter (twice a day). Beijing subway is really really cheap, indeed.

Oh, and NYC subway doesn’t have cellphone signal at all. I’m drafting this post on my way home, but have to post it when I’m back to surface.


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