Phone-Free Life

I lost my phone on a Lyft ride last Thursday. Got off a ride, went upstairs, checked my watch and noticed it was disconnected from phone, realized phone lost in car, used “Find My iPhone” to locate/beep/lock my phone, filed a Lyft support ticket and they contacted the driver, driver said he didn’t see any phone, end of story.

Since then, I’ve been rocking a “phone-free life”. I started reading a paper book on subway and actually made good progress, although I reflectively yawn a lot when reading a paper book these days. I use an old iPad as bed alarm and for WeChat. I use Google Hangout for making calls and receiving calls, which means I sit in front of a computer to wait when I’m expecting a call, just like sitting in front of a phone in old days.

What I miss most without phone:

  • Check weather before going out in the morning
  • Check map and subway status
  • Google words, phrases
  • Call people and get calls when I need, which is actually rare.
  • … cannot think of much else

But, it’s indeed relieving and freeing. When I’m offline, walking on street, taking a subway, my subconsciousness knows no one is able to contact me at that moment. No phone call, no message, no email, no Slack. Think about it. I haven’t had this “luxury” for many years.

Maybe I’ll choose to accidentally leave my phone at home one day a week from now on?


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