Played Games for Two Whole Days

Last weekend it was really cold. I stayed at dorm and played games for almost 2 whole days -_- Super Mario Galaxy and Monster Hunter Portable 2, alternatively…

SMG is super fun. I had passed the final boss one week before, however, still far away from really completing this fabulous game. There are 242 stars totally, 120 for Mario, 120 for Luigi (Mario’s brother, dressed in green), and 1 more final hidden stars for each of them. Now I’m on my way to collecting Mario’s 120 stars, already got 101, haha

MHP2 is a famous game on PSP, produced by CAPCOM. In this game you will play as a monster hunter, go to snow mountains, rain forests, volcanos and some other places to hunt various monsters such as huge dragons, using a lot of types of weapons. A big feature of MHP series is that the hunter’s (character in the game) maximum HP and Stamina won’t increase all over the game. The hunter’s power can be raised by getting better weapons and armors, but pretty limited. What really matters is the skills of player. Even if given a very good set of equipments, a novice player without practices and experiences still can’t defeat a tiny boss monster! The monster’s absolute strenght always surpasses the hunter a lot, so the player must be cautious all the time and only be able to defeat the monster with adept skills. This is the essential thing of this game, which makes it really popular~ But it’s indeed a little hard, so I won’t recommend it to girls who aren’t good at action games, lol

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