Job Hunting Season Again

Yesterday some young students came to our office for a written test. It’s somewhat unbelievable that I’ve worked for one whole year :) Watching their young faces and imagine some of them will join us made me excited.

Frankly speaking, the written test of our company is…grrr… pretty tough. They are not that nice to fresh guys/gals, lol. Hope the test can pick really excellent ppl out.

On my way to company this morning, I’ve some crazy ideas in my mind. If I had the power to arrange an interview in MY way, I would show an XBox 360 and a good game (like GoW2) to the candidate, then ask him to play 10 minutes from the beginning. So I can observe how fast s/he can learn something unfamiliar, how s/he  dealt with difficulties, how fast and accurate s/he can response, and how s/he behaved under impression. Sounds a perfect interview way, right? haha

What if the guy/girl had played the game before? That would make the test too easy for him/her, however that’s still fine to me, I love gamers :D


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